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Dot5 Hosting

-Offers incredible packages at exceptional prices. Prices as low as $3.95 per month, offers unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts and free domain name (with purchase of 1 year paid plan).

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IPower Hosting

This company has been in business since 2002.  Offers packages as low as $4.95 per month.  Offers exceptional customer service, bandwidth and disk space for almost any online business.  Also offers dedicated servers and reseller hosting.  The machines that run through this company are eco-friendly.

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Choosing a Hosting Company

There are so many hosting services available today; it can be quite daunting to select one. What makes it harder to choose is that the number of hosting providers all of make the claim to be the best and most reliable. This article should help you with some things to watch for when making your decision.

Customer Service and stability is undoubtedly the most important aspects that the host should have. It is important that you can rely on not only the stability and uptime of the host, but that you can also rely on a support team that does not take more than 24 hours to acknowledge a problem and work to rectify it. How can you check this, put in a ticket and see how long they take to respond. If the site offers some live sites, check their speed and to be sure they are online.

Performance is the top priority to consider when searching for your new web hosting provider, particularly if you plan to operate a large business website. Find out what kind of packages they offer especially disk space and bandwidth.
Pricing, customer ratings and popularity are what to consider next. With hosting, it is typically known that the more customers they have (popularity), that they are a company that is top with stability and performance. If you plan to choose a new hosting company, or someone offering outrageously great deals, you are taking a large risk. The larger hosting companies are making money; because of this they can offer top customer service, great packages, and reliable servers.
In conclusion, you should choose a hosting company that has been around for some time and offers exceptional customer support and reliable and stable servers.