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Choosing a Hosting Company

There are so many hosting services available today; it can be quite daunting to select one. What makes it harder to choose is that the number of hosting providers all of make the claim to be the best and most reliable. This article should help you with some things to watch for when making your decision. Customer Service… Read More »

Shared Web Hosting Information

Shared web hosting is typically offered by all hosts.  In a shared web hosting environment, many clients will share the same server which means that they utilize the same resources on that server. Each client has their own account with their set limits which is set in the package or plan they have chosen.  This typically consists of:… Read More »

Web Hosting Cops

Welcome to Hosting Cops website.   Our website has been created as a web hosting review site.  We will give honest opinions on top hosting companies, the good, the bad and the ugly. Please visit a category to find our reviews.  You can get a good idea of a company by the user ratings on each hosting page.